Freshwater Livestock

Tropical Fish

While we specialize in freshwater nano fish, we also carry a variety of snails, shrimp, and other animals.


Everything you need to get started in this amazing hobby! Aquariums, heaters, lights, filters, and so much more.


The finishing touches to your aquatic artwork. Find plants, hardscape, branches, and substrate to complete your vision.

Learn About Fishkeeping

What Test Kits Should I Have?
What Test Kits Should I Have?

All of them! Just kidding. The more test kits you have the better prepared you’ll be, but it’s not necessary to have every test out there. What we’ll do here is tell you which ones we think are the most important, and why you might want to get them. The Most Important Ammonia is the product of fish waste and…

Salt in Your Freshwater Aquarium
Salt in Your Freshwater Aquarium

Freshwater aquariums sometimes need salt, too. There are two types of salt frequently used: aquarium salt (sodium chloride) is the most frequently used, and Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) is occasionally needed. They have very different functions and are not interchangeable, but both can be safely used. In this short blog, we’re going to go over what they do, when to…

Quarantine Procedures: Why, What, and How
Quarantine Procedures: Why, What, and How

Being an aquarium hobbyist is a test of patience and care. Quarantine is another such test! Quarantine in fishkeeping is the process of monitoring a new addition in a separate aquarium, to ensure they’re healthy and free of all unwanted pests, before adding it to an existing environment. This process ensures all of your current pets remain healthy. Don’t You…

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