Policies & Recommendations

Read below to see our policy on replacements, how we prioritize the health of our livestock, and what other measures we recommend you take before bringing a new pet home. April's Aquarium and staff reserves the right to refuse the sale of livestock to anyone for any reason, especially if we believe adequate care will not be met.

Please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook or by email at any time for advice and support! We will always make educated suggestions, but you are also encouraged to do your own research whenever possible, so you can feel comfortable with your choices.

April's Policies

Holds & Waitlists

There is no guarantee when on a waitlist, or when putting livestock on hold, but we will do our best. You must leave your name and phone number for either.

• If the livestock or product is not available (this means it is in-store, but not yet for sale) you can be added to the waitlist. When available, we will call you.

• A hold is a a 72-hour reservation for something with limited stock (fewer than 25 in the store).

• If you have been placed on the waitlist and we cannot contact you, we will start a 72-hour hold for you if there is limited stock.

• If you did not specify a quantity, we will assume one (1).

• Holds are only applicable if we have limited stock (fewer than 25).

April's Policies

Refunds, Exchanges, and Store Credit

• To return products, they must be in original condition, with a receipt from within 30 days

• Livestock can be returned or exchanged within 72 hours

• We cannot guarantee the sex of our animals

• We are usually not able to take in surrendered pets but we will when possible; we do not offer store credit for pet surrenders (if you are a local breeder, please contact us at aprilsaquarium@gmail.com)

• We guarantee our livestock for 7 days if recommendations and requirements for care are followed (for example, aquariums must be cycled).

• If you experience a loss and followed our recommendations and requirements, we will replace if possible. If we cannot replace, we will provide you with store credit.

• We may ask questions, request a photo, requestyour receipt, and/or request a water sample to determine proper care

• We do not have any guarantees for your other pets, and we recommend quarantining new arrivals
Livestock & Quarantine

Recommendations & Requirements

April’s Aquarium prioritizes the health of our livestock, and the happiness of our customers. To that end, we have several requirements and several recommendations.

• All livestock that arrive at April’s Aquarium will undergo a required period of quarantine.

• Staff will monitor to ensure they are in perfect health before releasing them for sale.

• Quarantine times vary. If at any point livestock appear ill or malnourished, we will extend quarantine as necessary.

• We will never knowingly sell livestock that isn’t 100% healthy, which means that we cannot sell quarantined animals.

• We recommend slow acclimation of livestock to your aquarium. See our policy about acclimation, and why it’s necessary.

• We recommend quarantining new fish and plants for at least 14 days if you are adding them to an established aquarium. See our post about quarantine procedures.

New Aquariums

Recommendations & Requirements

• We recommend that aquariums be fully cycled before adding fish.

• If not cycled, we require that all newly set-up aquariums to be running for at least 7 days with the use of beneficial bacteria before allowing a sale.

• We recommend that you stock your tank slowly, and add the fish you plan to keep over a period of weeks.

• We require all livestock to have adequate conditions (at or above the minimum size aquarium, filtered and appropriately heated water) before allowing a sale. For bettas, this is a minimum of 2.5 gallons.

Please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook at any time for advice and support! We will always make educated care and stocking suggestions, but you are also encouraged to do your own research.

Our policies are subject to change at our discretion at any time. Please inquire if you have any questions.